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ETC receives acceptance for the ADMS Advanced Disaster Management Simulator from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Published:  23 March, 2010

Environmental Tectonics Corporation's Simulation Division has received acceptance for the delivery of ADMS to the Saudi Arabian Civil Defense.  ETC's contract was awarded in December of 2008 for 3 ADMS simulators which have now been installed at three training institutes in Saudi Arabia:  Riyadh, Dammam and Abha.

Each of these centers offers an ADMS Incident Command team training simulator that will allow the Saudi Arabian Civil Defense to train their staff on a variety of different scenarios, such as a collapsed warehouse fire, a road traffic accident involving a tanker truck, and a multistory building fire.  An additional six scenarios will be provided over the course of the next several years.   For this customized ADMS, ETC worked closely with the Saudi Arabian Civil Defense to ensure ADMS meets their expectations and their training requirements.  Comprehensive training was provided by ETC at the Saudi Civil Defense's facilities as well as Simulation Division's Orlando (FL) Innovation Center in preparation of the final delivery.   Marco van Wijngaarden, President of ETC Simulation, remarked, "It is a pleasure to cooperate with the ADMS project team of the Riyadh Civil Defense Institute. ETC received positive feedback on our collaboration, and met the Saudi's requirement for complete Command and Control-training. It was our first ADMS in the Arabic language. Now that the systems have been handed over, and instructors trained by ETC, staff at the three Civil Defense Institutes are ready to implement ADMS in the training curricula. In the meantime, we have started the design of the next three scenarios: high-rise building fire, collapsed building, and passenger train accident".  ADMS, the Advanced Disaster Management Simulator is a Virtual Reality Simulation Training Stage. A unique level of immersion is achieved by ETC's signature technology by blending physics-based simulation, embedded artificial intelligence, accurate animations, photo-realistic graphics, and ambient sounds. ADMS enables first responders and emergency managers to train and rehearse at all levels of response, in a safe, economical and green way.