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Cardiac arrest report
Published:  01 September, 2008

A set of annual statistics published by the United States Fire Administration has shown that out of 118 firefighter fatalities in 2007 at least 52 were as a result of heart attacks.

The report On-duty firefighter fatalities in the United States highlights the fact that daily exercise and a good diet cannot be overlooked. Firefighters, as the statistics show, are as much at risk from cardiac problems as they are from fire and smoke and the stress of the job, both while on and off duty.

A contributing factor is that a firefighter’s heart rate often increases dramatically from a steady beat when a call comes in and adrenaline surges around the body.

For a firefighter on shift at 3am this can be a massive strain on the heart. Ensuring constant fitness and a good diet is therefore paramount to reducing the potential damage to the heart, and reducing the risk of heart-related problems. For a copy of the report, visit