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See the light at FDIC 2018
Published:  20 April, 2018

Petzl to introduce ATEX-certified head torches that automatically dim their light when beams cross.

The new Duo range of head torches is aimed for use during operations and maintenance work in harsh environments.

The three torches feature so-called Face2face anti-glare technology that enables automatic simultaneous dimmed lighting when two or more beams cross.

The Duo Z1 and Z2 models meet the requirements of the ATEX certifications for hazardous areas, while Duo S is suitable for operations that require a high output of lumens.

According to Caleb Krausmann, professional division marketing manager for Petzl North America, the new anti-glare technology completely changes how teams work together: ‘These headlamps allow teams to be more efficient and provide them with a new level of brightness.’

The Duo S (pictured) delivers 1,100 lumens in ‘boost’ mode, making it the most powerful rechargeable head torch in the range. It features five lighting modes and can last 4-23 hours on a single charge, depending on brightness setting.

The Duo Z1 has a maximum 360 lumens of lighting and runs on a rechargeable battery. It features a multi-beam with four lighting modes and can last 7-23 hours, dependent on brightness setting. It meets ATEX zone 1/21 certification requirements for work in hazardous areas.

The Duo Z2 is a powerful multi-beam head torch with 430 lumens in ‘boost’ mode. It can last 2-15 hours, dependent on brightness setting, and runs on standard batteries. It meets ATEX zone 2/22 certification requirements for work in hazardous areas.

All head torches can be worn on Petzl’s Vertex and Alveo helmets using the helmet mounting clips or mounting plates, and on any other helmet using the Pro Adapt accessory.

The products can be viewed at Petzl’s booth at FDIC International in Indianapolis, April 23-28.

The collection will be available from Spring 2018 at specialty retailers and at the manufacturer’s website.