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Fire-fighting foam guidance
Published:  12 April, 2017
Selection and use of firefighting foams

Fire Protection Association Australia publishes information bulletin on the selection and use of fire-fighting foams.

The document aims to increase awareness of the issues surrounding the selection of fire-fighting foams based on their performance, environmental impact, and system and equipment compatibility.

FPA Australia notes that although fire protection products must be environmentally responsible, life safety, fire protection and environmental outcomes cannot be achieved by consideration of a single performance characteristic. Other aspects including performance, personal safety, environmental impact and compatibility with equipment and materials must be considered.

Among the recommendations in the 24-page document are; that the use of foams containing PFOS should be banned and that existing stocks should be destroyed; that manufacturers should reduce and eliminate production of PFOA-containing foams; that foam users should seek evidence of foam performance for their application; that the discharge of foam should be eliminated where possible during training, testing and commissioning; and that all fire water should be contained, tested and disposed of appropriately.

To download a copy of IB06 Selection and use of firefighting foams click on the image below.

Selection and use of firefighting foams