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Fire and Rescue Q2 2013
Published:  23 September, 2013

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Press date: Friday November 1



Firefighting training


A day in fire kit

F&R underwent firefighting training at the West Midlands Fire and Rescue Service Fire Academy, and reports what it is like to be a rookie firefighter.

SAR and Heavy Rescue - EU Modex

The EU Modex project has concluded. The exercises to test the European Civil Response Mechanism took place in several different nations all over Europe. F&R reports on lessons learnt and conclusions made. 

Extrication and heavy rescue

F&R covers the latest tools and techniques for extrication and lifting and stabilising of large goods and passenger transportation vehicles, while top experts reveal new initiatives that will improve operations on a global level.

Profile of Rescue Squad 2 – the Real Chicago Fire

F&R was invited by Chicago Fire Department to visit Rescue Squad 2 – a set of highly trained rescue specialists that help keep the citizens of the Windy City safe.

A new fire station for Biggin Hill Airport

The historic airport of Bigging Hill is mainly used for private flights and cargo transportation. F&R highlights how the creative firefighting team at Biggin Hill manages their daily operations and responds to incidents.

PPE: overcoming heat stress – the industry responds

The revolutionary heat stress trials conducted by the County Fire Authority of Victoria in Australia, and the recommendations made based on the tests, have got the industry talking in this feature manufacturers of clothing, fibres as well as top medical experts share their thoughts on how to work to together to make firefighting operations even safer.

Interior firefighting operations – the Quadrant model

The Dutch Fire Service developed the Quadrant Model. In which the fire service has extended their traditional two-mode approach of External Defensive and Internal Offensive attack to include the two additional modes of External Offensive and Internal Defensive.  Both these two new modes of operations would be difficult to apply within the context of traditional methods.  The application of a cutting extinguisher however, readily establishes an effective means of using the Quadrant Model particularly during the highly dynamic initial phases of a developing incident.

Vehicles – wildland firefighting

F&R covers the latest developments in wildland firefighting vehicles and kit that is suited for response in remote areas. We look at new developments in 4x4’s and extinguishing systems for wildland fires that utilize CAFS and eco-friendly extinguishing media.

Product spotlight


BA and compressors

F&R provides an overview of new technology that has recently hit the market, plus covers the latest deliveries to fire services worldwide.

Emergency power units and scene lighting

Incident response would be impossible without suitable independent power units and emergency lighting solutions, so F&R highlights the latest technology in these areas.

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