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Published:  05 July, 2012

Industrial Fire Journal has just been published – read it online here.


Evac modelling: Why modelling human behaviour for evac purposes is no simple matter, explains Professor Ed Galea; Legion launches new fire evac tool.

Tunnel safety: The importance of exit spacing in the choice of ventilation system.

A FireClass on its own: Tyco introduces a new open-protocol fire detection porfolio – but what are the benefits?

Maritime and offshore: Epoxy intumescent coating systems for fire protection; the growing market for fixed and portable aerosol generators; precision foam concentrate injection and mixing; case study on the use of COBRA Cold Cut on a container ship; new rules on seafarer training bring fire response to the front; a new ATEX TETRA repeater means comms can be kept on during an emergency.

Training: Massive investment is turning the University of Central Lancashire into a global centre of excellence for fire engineering.

ARFF: The practical application of ultra high pressure tech for ARFF; Civil Aviation Authority compares normal film-forming foam and fluoro-free foam for CAFS.

The environment: Why an EU directive will potentially affect foam discharge; the latest projects being carried forward by the Coalition for Responsible Fire Protection.