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New Rosenbauer truck designed for air transport
Published:  12 September, 2011

Rosenbauer launches a new air transportable response vehicle with off road capability for crisis response operations.

Airport dispatch of vehicles during a crisis represents a difficult challenge for most response organisations. Particularly in troubled areas, fire services are frequently confronted by substandard infrastructure and tough road conditions. Rosenbauer’s new Buffalo Zetros emergency response vehicle is designed in such a manner that it can be flown directly to any crisis area by Hercules C130 so it can sustainably support the work of response agencies on any terrain.

As well as passing all the endurance testing procedures, the new Buffalo Zetros 6x6 can be built to the client’s exact requirements, being highly bespoke and adaptable. The cab can be custom-made to match the size of the crew (1+3 is standard), ranging from one driver to up to three extra persons. The seats can be moved back to create extra legroom, and the vehicle has the option of pump and roll switching. The ergonomically designed control panel for the roof and front monitor provides a simplified operation of all the extinguishing media.

The truck is equipped with a Rosenbauer N35 pump which delivers 4,000 lpm at 10 bar from a 6,100 litre watertank. The foam tank contains 750 litres, while the foam system – Rosenbauer FIXMIX – can proportion at a rate of  3 and 6%. Other extinguishing media include a PLA 250 powder system, which carries 250kg of B and C powder.

The roof turret is a Rosenbauer RM25C, and delivers 2,500 lpm at 10 bar, while the front turret is a 15c monitor – also made by Rosenbauer – which delivers at 1,500 lp, at 10 bar. Both monitors are remote controlled, and the vehicle also features a quick attack hose reel (30m) with a 32mm radius, as well as a cable winch with a towing capacity of 4,000kg.