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New upgraded Appello high output voice signalling
Published:  27 June, 2011

E2S has introduced new versions of its all-digital Appello combined voice signalling and tone sounders that allow four different 30 second long voice, music or sound messages to be recorded and replayed at CD quality, improving clarity and intelligibility. The Appello can be configured to replay just the recorded messages or the content can be alternated with one of the 45 alarm tones embedded in the unit.

The four alarm stages are remotely selectable and the message playback and the alarm tones have independent volume controls, enabling the outputs to be fine-tuned to the installed location. The Appello is available in three different sizes: the square A105N with 101dB(A) voice and 112dB(A) tone outputs, the square A121 with 112dB(A) voice and 126dB(A) tone outputs; it is also available as the MV121 horn unit with 112dB(A) voice and 126dB(A) tone outputs. The effective combination of a distinctive warning tone followed by clear spoken instructions ensures that people understand the actions that are required when an emergency alert is generated.

Recordings are made either by using the on-board microphone or via a standard 3.5mm jack socket connected to a remote source, and each of the four stages can be recorded independently; the unit automatically edits the 30 second recording to the length of the message. During recording, a peak level indicator shows if the input level is set too high, which would possibly result in distortion on playback. In multi-unit systems, any unit can be designated as the master and the recorded content copied to any number of slaves. On playback, the outputs from all units are synchronised.