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Epoc Messe Frankfurt GmbH, organiser of Intersec trade fair and conference (the premier security and safety exhibition in the Middle East region), reported a huge success for this the 12th edition of the trade fair.

Fire and ice: dealing with LNG spills

John Frame has created and delivered LNG Fire Response training courses and also produced the original book LNG Fire Protection & Emergency Response, available from the IChemE.

Different perspectives: foam usage

The impact of the use of AFFF and AR-AFFF foam as an extinguishing agent worldwide cannot be underemphasised – but how do different countries approach its usage, and do viewpoints vary from country to country? Is the global community of firefighters singing from the same hymn sheet?

An alternative approach

In this issue’s comment, UKRO (UK Rescue Organisation) looks at a suggested alternative technique that could be utilised when dealing with RTC’s, and aims to provide guidance to considerations that should be made in relation to hazards and risk management.

Making the best of HVP assets

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service in the south of England organised Specialist Response Week in September 2009, which responders from the UK and Europe attended to take advantage of a multitude of practical workshops in different disciplines.

How to: apply glass management film during vehicle extrication

Packexe SMASH, a new innovation in time critical glass management, secures glass for controlled vehicle extrication. The self-adhesive film holds glass fragments in place, protecting both the casualty and rescue teams from further injury.

Shedding a new light on US standards


FIRE REPORT – the powder grenade

The DSPA-5 fire knockdown tool (Dry Sprinkler Powder Aerosol technology) has been deployed for the first time in the UK – and this innovative firefighting technology improves the speed of fire knockdown at incidents and buys firefighters time.

Incident data at your fingertips

Rosenbauer is world famous for its fire trucks – but what about its information management systems? Ann Marie Knegt finds out about the latest development.

Feel the heat

As protective clothing has improved, firefighters can theoretically get deeper into a fire and remain there for longer periods of time before they feel the heat and realise they should retreat.Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Has, in effect, protective gear become too effective? Fire & Rescue approached a number of experts to ask the question -–here are their thoughts.

Guarding the battery from flat-lining

The consequences of a flat battery on a fire truck are unthinkable, yet today thanks to a clever little gadget this scenario is highly unlikely. Special profile of the Battery Guard from Intellitec.

Rapid response in Munich

Munich isn’t just the place where the famous Oktober Fest is held every year, but also where 58 new super compact Mercedes Benz Atego firefighting vehicles with an Iveco Magirus body have found a home. Ann-Marie Knegt reports from Germany.

Comment and News

Please let me introduce myself. My name is Ann-Marie Knegt and yes, I am Dutch by name and by nature. I take over as Editor from Jose Maria Sanchez de Muniain (who as his name suggests is half Spanish), although Jose will continue to work on F&R as the Managing Editor. An international team for an international publication, and that is a message we can’t underline enough in this magazine, in which we aim to bring the global