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Breathing apparatus & Compressors

Most sets BA sets available now offer a basic framework set to which can be added modular options such a electronic monitoring, telemetry capability and second-wearer adaptors.

Problem-solving vehicles & systems

Bronto Skylift has developed a genuine giant in the fire sector and currently holds the record for the world’s tallest truck-mounted rescue and firefighting vehicle. The 101 m unit is the latest member of the famous HLA range, now covering the working heights from 69 to 101 meters.

Taking control of pumping operations

The availability of small, rugged, industrial air-cooled petrol engines has revolutionised the design of portable fire pumps over the last decade.

Fire pump controllers - new European norm

In September 2007 a European Norm standard EN12845 will come into force. This is a fire sprinkler specification which includes a definition for the fire pump controller.

Industrial hoses, nozzles and monitors

Buyers today demand an independently approved hose that will give a high return on investment by providing a long operating life with minimal maintenance.

Tyco launches new metal extinguisher

Tyco recently launched an extinguishers specifically designed to fight metal fires that typically can reach temperatures in excess of 2,000 degrees 0C.

Electronic monitoring of extinguishers

The National Fire Protection Association NFPA amended its codes on monitoring of fire extinguishers in September 2006. The decision to accept this technology was made at last year’s World Safety Conference and Exhibition.

Matching the foam to the fire

Jean-Marc Vandekerchove tells IFJ: “Our range of products is designed to provide the professional firefighter with the best, most effective extinguishing agent for all known fire hazards with a minimum impact on the environment and human exposure.”

HazMat danger!

The petroleum and petrochemical industries have many hazards that can be briefly categorised.

Hughes launches new decontamination system

Hughes Safety Showers recently launched a versatile decontamination unit in the Middle East. The Hughes MD4 is a standard decontamination unit with the British fire service for use at chemical spillages and major incidents.

Foam - there must be a proper application technique

Over the past decade, there has been a growing concern about the impact of foams on environment, due to scientific evidence of the detrimental effect of fluorinated compounds and their behaviour in the environment.

CFO Wilshire's published comments on JOIFF member Kelvin Hardingham were based on 'clear inaccuracies'

JOIFF would not wish to see this matter develop into one of needless tit-for-tat letter writing but we feel that due to the significant contribution from industry at the Buncefield incident, particularly from JOIFF Members, we would be failing in our duty to our members in not adding the necessary clarity to this matter which appears to be required.

Fire test manikin

Following an ignition in a fireworks production facility, HSL (Health and Safety Laboratory) undertook work to quantify the size, duration and thermal emissive power of fireballs produced when different quantities of a range of pyrotechnic compositions are ignited. 

Responding to LNG vapour releases & fires

LNG is a cryogenic liquid stored at -162°C in special single- or double-lined insulated concrete tanks. Its composition varies between 83 and 99.5% methane with traces of ethane, propane and butane. As it vaporises the cold gas condenses moisture in the atmosphere into a white vapour cloud. It is in the vicinity of the edges of this cloud that ignition is most likely to occur, where the LNG reaches its flammability range of 5 to 14% in air. Although asphyxiating, the vapours are not explosive unless confined.

Protective glazing for Heathrow terminal 5

In one of Europe’s most prestigious airport glazing contracts, leading vertical access equipment manufacturer, Hek Manufacturing BV and a glass specialist, Lindner-Schmidlin Facade Ltd, have provided specialist fire - and in some sensitive areas ‘blast-resistant’ - glazing for London Heathrow Airport’s major Terminal 5 structure.

A cleaner way of protecting electrical facilities

Fire is just one of the possible service interruptions which can affect a data or communications network. However, the consequences - such as material damage or, more importantly, human loss of life - can be extremely dire.

Ensuring fire safety in the marine environment

In such a hostile and challenging climate as the marine environment, it is imperative that the most appropriate fire detection system is chosen and that it is fit for purpose. 

DuraSteel - fire, blast and impact-resistant material

President of Durasystems Barriers Inc, Craig Pickering, definitely feels his company has the answer with DuraSteel.

NFPA preview

This year’s conference will feature more than 150 education sessions within 11 conference tracks. New for 2007 will be a special focus on fire protection engineering sponsored by the Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE). There is also a robust element of industrial fire safety and security.

Special Product Report

Insulfrax Blanket products manufactured by the Unifrax Corporation have been designed to provide passive fire protection, reports IFJ.

Protective coatings for high-risk structures

Protective coatings are designed to provide a degree of tolerance of tolerance to the steelwork of industrial structures whilst a fire is brought under control.