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New Products

Published:  01 April, 2008

New products available in the industry:

Specifically for for homeland security and industrial applications RAE Systems Inc. has developed its ChemRAE, a portable chemical warfare agent (CWA) detector. Bob Durstenfeld tells FIRE & RESCUE: “ChemRAE is available as a stand-alone portable instrument or as a wireless component of the AreaRAE rapid deployment hazardous environment detection platform and adds a RAE Systems -branded CWA detector to the company’s other weapons of mass destruction detection (WMD) solutions. RAE Systems’ RAELink2, a wireless open gateway into the AreaRAE network, and the ProRAE Remote base station control software enable users to select and easily configure new detection and monitoring solutions in their AreaRAE networks. The ChemRAE is small enough to be used as a personal detector, as a monitor for surveying contaminated areas, or as a fixed installation detector. It provides continuous operation without the need for expendable desiccant cartridges, unlike other IMS systems. The ChemRAE has a low cost of ownership with no expendables. More information? Visit:
US-based Pierce Manufacturing Inc. has introduced a new commercial Multi Cab chassis, exclusively available for both the Pierce(r) and Contender(r). “The Multi Cab bridges the gap between commercial and custom chassis offerings,” comments Ann Stawski, Marketing Communications Manager for Pierce. “Built on the Kenworth T300 and T800 heavy-duty chassis, the Multi Cab is larger and more versatile than current commercial cab offerings. The open cab concept improves communication, visibility and air flow in the large crew cab, which offers plenty of room to meet firefighters’ needs. The Multi Cab also offers a new, streamlined appearance for the cab.” The Multi Cab provides 6’ 4” of headroom and expanded interior that can accommodate four firefighters facing rearward. The new cab allows for three interior options for fire truck applications, including a crew cab, an enclosed top mount pump panel or a command centre. As a crew cab, the Multi Cab provides an expanded interior - the most for any one-piece commercial chassis-based apparatus. As an enclosed top mount pumper, the Multi Cab features windows on all sides that allow the operator to monitor the fire scene and all pump operations, as well as space to rehab the crew in the large interior space. As a command cab, configurations include a workstation and easy-access EMS compartments. More information? Visit:
MSA Europe's one piece protective suit - the Vautex Elite ET designed especially for emergency teams - uses a proven material combination of elastomer­coated fabric and a multilayer film laminate which provide the user with highest protection against chemicals, high resistance against mechanical stress and increased resistance against flame impingement, says the company. The flexible material does not restrict movements whilst offering this extreme protection. There are two models allowing compressed air breathing apparatus to be worn either inside or outside the suit. A large lense has been firmly integrated into the Vautex Elite ET, which reduces the weight of the head section and leads to enhanced wearing comfort. Additional features include a removeable back padding, a gastight zipper with cover, a replaceable glove system and boots. An integrated transponder provides state-of-the-art electronic identification of the equipment, reports MSA. More information? Visit:
As small as a mobile phone, the new Draeger X-am 2000 is one of a new generation of gas detectors which have been specially designed for personal monitoring use. Offering reliable measurement of combustible gases and vapours as well as oxygen, carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulphide, this 1 to 4 gas detector is the perfect companion in any gas sensitive area. For improved safety when facing unknown hazards, the catalytic Ex sensor, calibrated to methane, responds quickly to explosive gases. Offering a high level of sensitivity to combustible organic vapours it also ensures dependable warnings in the event of explosive hazards. Ergonomically designed and easy to use, this lightweight unit features the latest miniaturised XXS generation of powerful electrochemical DraegerSensors. With a practical two-button control panel and straightforward menu guidance system, it benefits from a large liquid crystal display which provides all readings at a glance. More information? Visit: www.draeger­

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