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Draeger launches VFR Pro helmet
Published:  16 April, 2010

The ergonomic Draeger VFR Pro Helmet is designed for use in firefighting, industrial, marine, offshore and military applications. Available in two versions to suit the needs of high heat environments such as those found in structural firefighting, flash-over training and wildland firefighting, it is also equally suited to rescue and technical assistance operations.

Designed for both comfort and performance, the Draeger VFR Pro is believed to be the lightest helmet to meet EN443: 2008-B. Maintaining clear visibility, even when worn with a gold tinted visor, it offers the highest EN166 and EN14458 optical performance levels with Class 1 for both eye shield and face shield. As a further benefit, the helmets are available in thermoplastic and composite materials. (Composite materials are particularly beneficial in firefighting applications as they are specifically designed to keep their shape and protective properties under high thermal influences.)

With a streamlined shape that affords an exceptional field of view, this ergonomic helmet is also contoured around the ears to maximise audible perception and minimise the risk of accidents caused by impaired hearing.

The helmets also feature a hard-wearing, high gloss finish to provide additional heat reflective properties and reduce helmet damage. Impact reinforcements in the outer shell are teamed with special polyurethane padding inside to further protect the wearer against shock, heat and flash over. The reinforced composite sub-shell provides increased frontal impact protection and the unique multi-cross headband suspension system ensures quick, easy and secure adjustment for a variety of head sizes.

Incorporating anti-fog on the underside and anti-scratch on the external surface, the eye shield also features a rubber trim edge for increased protection to the nose and cheekbones. In addition the reflective face shield visor is approved to EN14458

An innovative chin strap allows both left and right adjustment for a perfectly balanced fit, and the soft Nomex padding remains comfortable after cleaning and dries quicker than leather, thereby reducing operational downtime.