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Access a natural disaster and extreme weather searchable information centre
Published:  18 March, 2010

Ebrary, a leading provider of digital content products and technologies, has announced that it has created a publicly available research center featuring hundreds of important government documents related to natural disasters and extreme weather.  The site is available at

"Our hearts go out to all of the people who are suffering and experiencing hardships in light of the recent earthquakes in Haiti and Chile, and others who have been impacted by the many natural disasters and extreme weather that occur in the world each year," said Christopher Warnock, CEO of ebrary.  "To help make a difference, our employees gathered authoritative, public domain information from government websites, and using our system, created a highly interactive, searchable database.  We hope that people around the world find this a valuable resource, and we encourage our customers to share this information with their students, employees, and patrons."

"While government agencies house some of the world's most pertinent information, it is not always easy to search and find the information you need online, especially across multiple websites. Additionally, downloading PDFs, a format used by many government and other agencies for their most important documents, can be extremely cumbersome and frustrating," said Kevin Sayar, President of ebrary.  "Using DASH! (Data Sharing, Fast), and other ebrary services, our staff was able to very quickly and easily aggregate PDF content and develop our new Natural Disaster and Extreme Weather Searchable Information Center.  All of us at ebrary are extremely proud to put our technology to such good use."

ebrary's new site is one of a series of research centers that the company's employees are building on topics that are important to them.  Last November, ebrary staff created the H1N1 Searchable Information Center, which is freely available at  The company plans to launch several additional sites this year and welcomes input and suggestions.

All of ebrary's searchable information centers feature extensive research capabilities including the following:

* Multiple options for searching, navigating, and browsing 

* ebrary InfoTools, which turns every word into a portal to additional information on the web

* Notes and highlights

* Ability to copy/paste and print text with automatic citations and URL hyperlinks back to the source

* Personal bookshelves with moveable folders that can be emailed to others


Founded in 1999, ebrary is privately held and is headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, USA.