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New interactive search and rescue manikin ‘SmartDummy’ that calls out for help
Published:  22 January, 2010

BullEx Digital Safety has announced the launch of a new interactive search and rescue manikin that can listen for rescuers and even call out for help.

The SmartDummy has an integrated VoiceBox with a built-in microphone that lets you record any message or sound effect.  The SmartDummy can cough, shout for help or even direct rescuers towards additional victims.  Once the recording is set, you can program the VoiceBox to play continuously or to activate only when nearby sound is detected.  

The SmartDummy is built with a specially developed heavy-duty canvas material that is tough enough for fire training, but flexible enough to realistically simulate victims. Underneath the protective shell, the internal padding provides a uniform weight distribution and a realistic feel.  The Extrication SmartDummy adds a detachable arm, detachable leg and penetrable chest to simulate serious injuries.  The SmartDummy means that you can create vehicle extrication scenarios, entanglement emergencies, and even impalement rescues that challenge trainees to size-up and respond.