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EADS Defence & Security signs contract to extend ACROPOL network
Published:  13 November, 2009

EADS Defence & Security was awarded a contract by the French Ministry of the Interior to extend the radio communications network of the French Police. This complementary network is named ANTARES and will cover the Paris Fire Brigade .

This project completes for the Paris area, the deployment of a secure radio communications infrastructure based on TETRAPOL technology initiated in the French provinces in 2007. This infrastructure is fully interoperable on a national scale, linking all the French departments, and is intended for use by all of France’s security and rescue forces.

By using this network, National Police, Paris Fire Brigade and fire and rescue services of Paris suburb will be able to coordinate their interventions more efficiently and securely.

The extension will provide greater radio coverage in the city of Paris and will increase the radio transmission capacity of Paris region. Paris network will ultimately comprise about fifty radio stations and more than 20,000 terminals.

“By signing this contract, the French government has demonstrated that it trusts EADS and its TETRAPOL technology to support the country’s security services for their developing needs in the field of radio communication in a long term perspective,” states Hervé Guillou, CEO of Defence and Communications Systems (DCS), an integrated Business Unit of EADS Defence & Security.

With a workforce of more than 8000 men and women, the Paris Fire Brigade will benefit from the latest digital technologies. Services such as geo-localisation of units or transmission of status reports will make its operations more efficient and secure. National shared transmission infrastructure (INPT) will support continuous modernisation of its systems.