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Kirk Richardson: Use of High Expansion Foams on LNG Pool Fires
Published:  10 November, 2009

High expansion foam and high expansion foam systems have been widely used for a number
a years in the LNG industry as a means of controlling potential LNG releases within LNG
terminals and storage facilities. This presentation will delve into the details, design
philosophies, capabilities, and limitations of the use of high expansion foam to control both
LNG pool fires and LNG vapor clouds associated with potential releases in those LNG
terminals and storage facilities.

About the speaker

Kirk Richardson has a BSc in Marine Tranpsportation (1983) and a Masters in Education Technology (1999) from Texas A&M University, Galveston, Texas. He is currently the Training Manager for the Marine Firefighting and LNG Spill Control and Fire Suppression Program with the Emergency Services Training Institute (ESTI) in College Station, Texas. Kirk joined ESTI in 1986 and has been a Marine Firefighting and LNG Emergency Response Instructor with ESTI for the past 23 years. The Marine
and LNG Programs specialize in hands-on emergency response training.

Kirk Richardson
Training Manager
Marine Firefighting/ LNG Spill Control and Fire Suppression
Emergency Services Training Institute
Texas Engineering Extension Service
The Texas A&M University System