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Combined gas and smoke detection
Published:  10 July, 2018

Gas detection capability has been added by Patol to the Securiton range of aspirating smoke detection.

The new detection capability has been achieved by attaching a wall-mounted gas monitor housed in a Perspex enclosure to the pipework of the aspirating system.

Air that is drawn from the pipework by the ASD system pump then passes through the gas monitor before entering the ASD chamber.

The monitor checks for the presence of toxic or flammable gases such as carbon monoxide, oxygen or hydrogen in a single unit that combines a transmitter and a controller. The monitor features pluggable smart sensors and a large LCD display for ease of reading, and the alarm is triggered if the gas concentration reaches a pre-set threshold. The system features a two-stage alarm, with the alarm LED simultaneously activating the alarm relay of the ASD system.

The system also includes a menu-assisted configuration where calibration is accessed from just three keys, with an Autocal feature that automatically adjusts the measurement signal of the test gas during calibration. A large display continuously provides information relating to the gas concentration levels and the operation status.

The integrated solution was a joint effort by Patol with gas detection specialist GFG.