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Storage tank fire
Published:  09 July, 2018

A fire that gutted two crude oil tanks in Terengganu, Malaysia has been extinguished.

The fire occurred at a refinery owned by Kemaman Bitumen Company in the district of Kemaman, around 300km east of Kuala Lumpur, where heavy naphthenic crude oils are turned into naphthenic asphalt, atmospheric gas oil, vacuum gas oil and naphtha. 

The fire broke out at 6.15pm on 5 July in a tank holding 4,800 litres of crude oil; shortly afterwards a second tank holding 13,700-litres of oil became involved and started threatening a third. A fire that broke out in the third tank was reportedly quickly controlled.

The three affected oil tanks at the six-tank facility contained a total of around 20,000 litres of crude oil.

According to Terengganu Fire and Rescue Department, 8,000 litres of foam concentrate were secured from several industrial companies to add to the fire department’s own 6,000 litres of stock.

Around 140 fire and rescue personnel from Terengganu and surrounding areas worked to control the fire with assistance from members of the Emergency Response Team, the Civil Defence Force and other partner agencies.

At the height of the fire plans were being put in place to evacuate nearby residential areas due to concerns around the toxic fumes.

The fire was confirmed extinguished on the evening of 7 July, after monitoring with drones and thermal imaging cameras had been carried out.

The results of an investigation into the causes of the fire are expected in three weeks’ time.