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Fast ARFF response
Published:  09 July, 2018

A major airport in the UAE has placed an order for 25 ARFF vehicles.

The order for 22 Rosenbauer Panther 8x8s and three turntable vehicles model E8000/3000 came from Dubai Airports.

The large order also includes additional equipment and a multi-year service contract for the vehicles.

The 25 vehicles will be deployed at Dubai International Airport, the world’s busiest international airport in passenger volume.

Rosenbauer aircraft fire-fighting and rescue vehicles have had a presence at Dubai Airport the 1980s, and a fleet of ten Panthers are already located there.

The 52-t Panther 8x8 has a top speed of over 135km/h and carries 19,000l of extinguishing agent comprising 16,800l water, 2,200l foam compound and 500kg powder or CO2. Its two 700hp Euro 5 engines enable it to accelerate from 0 to 80 km/h in less than 25 seconds – even faster with the Euro 6-engine option.

The new Panther 8x8 features a new pump that provides 10,000l of water per minute at 10 bar, with a range of monitor options. These include the new RM80 roof turret with an output rate of up to 9,000l/min and a throw of 100m for water and 90m for foam; as well as the new RM35 with up to 4,750l/min and throw of 85m (water) and 76m (foam).

The original Panther first entered service in 1992 at Geneva Airport. Now in its fourth generation, its speed, extinguishing capacity and acceleration mean that it is often the ARFF vehicle of choice at major international airports serving large aircraft such as the Airbus A380.