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WATERAX - We move water
Published:  10 May, 2018

SPONSORED PROFILE: Trusted by wildland firefighters around the world, WATERAX sets the industry standard by developing innovative, portable fire pumps and water-handling equipment designed to withstand demanding applications and rugged environments.

With a time-tested legacy of reliability, WATERAX carries on its mission to place powerful, precision engineered pumps into the hands of the men and women who protect our lives and property.

The leading benchmarks in the wildland firefighting community are our ranges of trustworthy MARK-3® and BB-4® centrifugal fire pumps have been top sellers and established leaders for generations. Many pumps sold decades ago are still in operation today and maintained with genuine spare parts.

We have got your back.

A product is only as good as the service behind it, and at WATERAX, we back up our quality products with steadfast service. Trust us to be there when you need us.

Quality, reliability, and trust are our core values. Our pumps are as tested and proven as the experience of the firefighting professionals who use them every day.


WATERAX has a long and thrilling history. The Watson Jack & Co was founded in 1898 by Montreal native John Colquhoun Watson Jack. In 1925, he introduced a powerful 200 psi portable fire pump called the WAJAX (an acronym of Watson Jack’s name).

Today, the WATERAX brand captures the powerful meaning and essence of the historical names Watson Jack & Co, Wajax and Wildfire. WATERAX is truly sticking to its roots by doing what its founders did really well and remaining aligned with the core values of the company. Our brand identity communicates the nature and excellent capabilities of our manufacturing activities and our distinctive portable pump products brand.

WATERAX products are characterised by multi-stage centrifugal-pump ends designed to move water while generating high-pressure to meet the difficult requirements of wildland firefighting and other applications with a requirement to move water over long distances and elevation.

Specialist in firefighting equipment

 President of Waterax Rafaele Gerbasi commented: ‘Since the addition of the WATERAX brand we have uncovered opportunities that we as a company, were previously unaware of. The pump line with its affiliate products fits our business model extremely well and the outside sale team has jumped all over it. The products are far superior to our previous pump line, excellent customer support and factory sales team make this a win/win. 

‘Our primary business has been in the SCBA & compressor sales area, needless to say in the beginning I was sceptical as to how our team would accept and more importantly sell this line. With a few hands-on and classroom training days coupled with an unbeatable sales and service team at WATERAX we can honestly say every salesperson is comfortable pitching and marketing this very high-quality product. 

Mark Skindelien, Sales Manager, Alex Air Apparatus said: ‘I would like to say thank you to WATERAX. Since the day I started Valley Fire Protection and Services Limited, the staff at WATERAX has been there to help us grow by offering outstanding products, strong technical support, and an unwavering commitment to success. I have also watched this company grow to what it is today, a company built on a foundation of honesty, respect, and integrity.


‘We at Valley Fire strive to become what WATERAX is, a leader in the business of moving water,’ commented Sean M Horan President at Valley Fire Protection And Service Limited.

‘The 1200 degrés team is proud to be associated with WATERAX. Your team has demonstrated outstanding professionalism and acts fully in line with our values. Your customer service and accessibility allow us to sell your products with confidence. It is clear to us that WATERAX is a global leader in high-pressure pumps and we are proud to be one of their distributors for the Quebec territory.

‘The performance and innovation of your company are an inspiration to our entire team. Thank you for trusting us,’ said Jean-François Picard, CEO, 1200 Degrés