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Two Stingers for northwest England brigade
Published:  03 May, 2018

AT-Stinger appliance successfully completes twelve-month trial with Lancashire Fire & Rescue Service.

The FRS will now be purchasing the leased truck while also procuring a second unit, which is due for delivery in late 2018.

Throughout 2017, the service had put the rented AT-Stinger through its paces. During this period, the truck was used at a number of incidents from the busy station of Blackburn.

Alongside the successful execution of demanding tasks in Lancashire, the leased AT-Stinger was on occasion also deployed cross-border into Greater Manchester and North Yorkshire to assist with various complex incidents.

The AT-Stinger concept was devised by Rosenbauer UK in 2015 in conjunction with Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service. The goal for both parties was to redefine the standard in aggressive firefighting capability, in conjunction with an everyday ‘workhorse’ able to react to smaller incidents too.

Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service has since released an official report explaining why the FRS had developed the AT-Stinger, which is available for other UK Fire and Rescue Services to view.

Prior to the development of the AT-Stinger, various trials, user feedback and Union consultation indicated that a new firefighting tool was needed. The truck’s criteria were clear; an advanced pump, self-sufficiency and something that didn’t fall within the typical ‘aerial appliance’ category. It also required the ability to react to small incidents whilst, significantly, carrying six firefighters.

The result was a truck that delivers 4,500lpm, if required, over a distance of 85m. This volume and flow are powered by its own Rosenbauer NH45 pump which has often been used as a base pump able to feed multiple units.

Rosenbauer UK also developed the 16.5m Stinger boom package with wireless operator controls and a piercing tool, capable of penetrating a roof of a building, wall or window before releasing 1,000lpm of water from the injected spike.

This device ensures that fires are tackled with almost immediate effect from arriving at the scene, dramatically reducing blazing compartment temperatures and allowing the crew to enter the building in a safer state than without the Stinger.

‘Lives have been saved, as have millions of pounds worth of commercial and residential property, due to the capability of the AT-Stinger,’ commented Rosenbauer UK’s managing director, Oliver North.

‘We are all impressed by the huge impact which the truck has made on the front line in Lancashire. However, innovation is only as good as those who embrace it, and I have to say, Blackburn’s firefighters have been nothing short of excellent in proving this concept.

‘They have pushed this new technology to its limit whilst in-turn providing unseen and, arguably, unrivalled results, nationwide. As a manufacturer of both standard and aerial appliances, it is clear there isn’t an appliance available on the market which offers this level of durability, aggression and most importantly - firefighter safety.’