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Clean live fire training
Published:  06 April, 2018

Manufacture of the props for South Korea’s groundbreaking emergency training centre begins this month.

The new multi-disciplinary emergency training centre in South Korea will include the country’s first clean live fire training technologies.

Fire training equipment manufacturer Haagen was awarded the prop contract for the MPSS Fire Service Training Centre project. The contract will see Haagen design, manufacture, deliver and test more than 30 training props for class A and class B fire simulators, including two afterburner systems for clean carbonaceous training.

Manufacture of the training props is due to begin this month (April) with installation and commissioning expected to commence in July.

The training centre is currently under construction and the project is expected to be completed by the end of 2018. Located in a mountainous area, it will offer an extensive array of training scenarios as well as accommodation facilities that will enable trainees to take part in longer, more complex training operations. The project is being managed by Hyundai Engineering and Construction for the Ministry of Public Safety and Security of South Korea.

The centre is seen as an important step in the development of emergency training in South Korea and neighbouring territories and could play an instrumental role in establishing a unified fire and emergency training standard at a national level, said Haagen’s director of training solutions Arnaud Lefebvre.

‘The MPSS Fire Training Centre is designed as an advanced multi-disciplinary training facility, with high quality fire technologies and state of the art safety and control features,’ said Gido van Wijck, Haagen project manager. ‘The solutions incorporated in this facility will make the site both safe and efficient from an exploitation point of view. We are proud to be part of this milestone development in emergency training in South Korea, and are invested in building a long-lasting collaboration with our partners and stakeholders within and beyond this project.’ 

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