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Published:  15 March, 2018

Software that accurately calculates the gas cloud volume Vz for the classification of hazardous areas has been updated and improved with a new version.

Quadvent was designed to assist organisations that routinely handle or stores flammable gases meet the UK’s Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002. These regulations stipulate that areas where explosive atmospheres may occur must be identified and classified.

The tool uses a scientifically-based mathematical model of a flammable gas jet to provide realistic estimates of hypothetical gas cloud volume (Vz) releases in ventilated enclosures or outdoors.

According to the Health and Safety Executive, the new version offers a number of benefits when used as an alternative to the method described in BS EN 60079:10-1 (2009).

The realistic Vz estimates in Quadvent 2 save the capital and maintenance costs of unnecessarily protecting electrical and non-electrical equipment for use in hazardous areas; it uniquely calculates Vz both for ventilated enclosed areas and for outdoors; it can realistically estimate the natural ventilation rate of a building; and it now includes a model for buoyant gas releases and pressure liquefied gases, such as LPG.

The software is sold as an annual licence and is supplied electronically as a downloadable installation package. For more information click here.