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New flame arresters
Published:  26 February, 2018

FNC has developed a new generation of flame arresters and breather valves with an innovative patented construction concept.

Flame arresters are safety devices that are used on a pipeline or at the end of the line to block any fire or explosion passage. Two types are normally used; while deflagration flame arresters are designed to block fire travel along a pipeline, detonation flame arresters are designed to defuse a sudden explosion or impact in the pipeline.

The new range from FNC comprises a Tornado-type deflagration flame arrester that has been tested and approved both in a stand-alone version and in a version integrated within breather a valve.

Image: end-of-line Tornado-type flame arrester

According to the manufacturer the new concept of flame arresters results in a much lower pressure drop; easier assembly without risk to of damaging parts; and easier maintenance. The unit is also lighter and more compact, plus it has been designed to forestall wrong assembly.

A new inline detonation version is currently undergoing final testing and FNC says it expects a positive outcome, with market availability predicted in Q2.

The company is also introducing new modular-type breather valves that provide better flow performance and which can be adjusted to various configurations; this avoids the use of oversized valves.

Image: breather valve with integrated Tornado flame arrester on both pressure and vacuum side

The design of the new range of breather valves, which open when a certain pressure is reached inside a storage tank, were inspired from the automotive sector and the Lean manufacturing world, said the manufacturer.

The result is a flexible valve that requires fewer spare parts because each size in the range features the same body and internal parts.

All the devices are approved to ATEX and ISO 16852 standards.

The new range will be on display at StocExpo Europe 2018, 20-22nd March 2018 in Ahoy, Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Top image: modular type breather valve with double vacuum intake for higher performance