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High-hazard collaboration
Published:  20 February, 2018

A guide to joint industry, regulator and union groups that work in the high-hazard process sectors in the UK has been published by the COMAH Strategic Forum.

The document has been published to encourage industry, regulators and trade unions to work more collaboratively; to share knowledge; to tackle common problems; and to reduce the risk of harm.

The nine-page guide includes a diagram explaining how different groups and forums interact in the high-hazard sector in relation to the COMAH Strategic Forum (CSF). An overview of the sector trade associations and industry/regulator interface groups is also provided.

The CSF is a partnership of high-level representatives from the UK’s health, safety and environmental regulators, government, industry and UNITE the Union. It was initially established in 2013 to serve as a steering group to support the COMAH Competent Authority response to the UK Government Better Regulation Executive (BRE) review of enforcement in the chemicals industry.

The document is available here.