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High-performance auxiliary water system for San Francisco
Published:  13 February, 2018

An extension to San Franciscos emergency fire suppression system has moved one step closer to completion with the selection of a final design for a new high-pressure auxiliary water network.

The new auxiliary water supply system will extend the city’s emergency fire suppression system to the Richmond and Sunset districts, which currently lack access to the existing 135-mile long network. It is intended to provide firefighters with sufficient water to fight fires in the case of major emergencies or natural disasters such as earthquakes. The extension will also carry drinking water.

The San Francisco fire department has been working with the Public Utilities Commission for several years on improving the city’s firefighting capabilities and has already carried out a number of projects, including building new cisterns. The new high-pressure network will draw water from a different source to the existing system and will use two pump stations to provide water at 53,000 litres per minute (14,000 gallons). It will be connected to the existing drinking water system in the Richmond and Sunset districts.

The project is expected to cost in the region of US$109 million and work could start as early as next year.