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Published:  05 February, 2018

Big Water Flow for Industrial and Municipal Firefighting Applications

As the world continues to advance and grow, the risk of major fires and emergency events has also continued to increase. With the elevated risk of potential catastrophic disasters, it is no longer sufficient for fire departments to respond in old traditional ways using dated tactics and standard firefighting equipment.

Protecting the lives of the public and firefighters while limiting the structural damage caused in large scale fires is the primary mission at US Fire Pump. With the unique experience and vision of Chris Ferrara, US Fire Pump has developed a new line of firefighting equipment that maximizes water flow and reach capabilities.


Refineries and other industrial facilities across the world are having great success with their US Fire Pump firefighting products and custom solutions such as BP, Phillips 66, Motiva, ExxonMobil, Suncor, Sasol and ORPIC.

Mobile Pump Unit - 6,250 GPM from draft and 10,000+ GPM from a pressurized source

Hydraulic Submersible Pump - from 3,000 GPM to 20,000+ GPM Hydraulic Submersible Pumps

Mini Submersible Pump - quickly deliver 3,000+ GPM from any body of water

ERADS (Emergency Response Aquatic Deployment System) - up to 20,000 GPM submersible pump, electric generator, rescue tools and more

Direct Injection Foam Skid - stainless steel 300 GPM foam pump with 12” discharge manifold

Foam Transfer Pump – compact and easily maneuverable with an output of 65 GPM at 100 PSI

Deluge Truck – quick attack with flow rate of 18,000 GPM, two 12” intakes, and equipment

Remote Track Monitor – 5,000 GPM for extreme fires without risking firefighting personnel

Trailer Deck Gun – many models available from 2,000 GPM to 8,000 GPM

Hose Recovery Vehicle – fully automated and capable of picking up 6” to 12” hose

Manifolds – redirect your flow with custom built manifolds with 12” or 8” inlet connections

Fittings, Adapters and Accessories – a wide range of accessories available

Hose – big flow Nitrile rubber covered available in 8”, 10” and 12”


The first US Fire Pump innovation to hit the market was the High Velocity Pump, which is the largest compliant fire pump in the world with a rating up to 6000 GPM NFPA 1901. The unique design allows for high flow water supply and NFPA 1901 industrial fire pump applications in one combined package. Built for direct engine mounted applications, the High Velocity Pump is currently being used in Mobile Pump Units and the world record holding Ferrara Super Pumper at industrial facilities across the globe.

Along with the High Velocity Pump applications, US Fire Pump has also developed many other firefighting systems that increase performance and capabilities. A full line of Hydraulic Submersible Pumps can deliver up to 10,000 GPM from any static water source.

Just to make water delivery as easy as possible for firefighters, a 3,000 GPM mini-submersible pump is available and small enough to fit in a pickup truck giving more flexibility on how and where fire apparatus can be used.

US Fire Pump's latest innovation is the Remote Track Monitor which now gives firefighters unprecedented access to large fires without putting firefighters at risk…just turn it on, drive in, and attack.

As important as these new advancements are to firefighters, this is just the beginning. Chris Ferrara and US Fire Pump will continue to explore new concepts, push the limits of equipment and technology, and change the face of the firefighting industry forever.


Many new firefighting solutions and techniques are now available to provide higher water flow for bigger fires which can be customized to fit your department’s current equipment and operating procedures. We are pleased to provide expert advice to any industrial or municipal fire departments with the goal of improving the quality and performance of your firefighting systems.

Please feel free to contact us at any time to discuss your situation and possible solutions.


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