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Hook lift foam tender for Changi Airport
Published:  31 January, 2018

A hook lift foam tender from Trigen Automotive has just been delivered to Changi Airport in Singapore.

The support vehicle was developed specifically for the airport to handle fuel-related fire incidents as quickly as possible. It is one of the largest firefighting vehicles produced by Trigen. It has been designed for use with other firefighting vehicles in airport emergency operations and carries a large hook lift pod containing foam concentrate and uses an engine-driven fire pump.

The hook lift foam tender is 9.2m long, 2.8m wide and 3.75m tall yet is still capable of

manoeuvring in narrow spaces, such as airport service roads, within the apron, on the tarmac and the service roads of an aircraft fuel farm.

It has a single-stage, centrifugal fire pump driven by a diesel engine that is capable of 6,000 litres per minute of water at 10 bar and the large-flow, electronically-controlled monitor can achieve a range of 80m. The monitor is coupled with an aspirating foam branch pipe for a consistent foam product during firefighting operations.

The vehicle’s foam tank holds up to 8,000 litres of foam and the foam pod module can be set down independently from the vehicle. When the foam pod is nearly empty, the tender can return with a filled pod from a nearby station, or the entire pod module that is set down on the ground can serve as a distribution point for foam concentrate to other vehicles.