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Published:  26 January, 2018

The Institution of Fire Engineers has launched a firefighter safety database to enable firefighters and others to learn from past incidents and to help prevent injury or loss of life in the future.

The Firefighter Safety Database enables visitors to freely search incident types by severity and by country; several historical incidents of interest are also available.

The database was developed with the National Operational Learning arm of the UK’s National Operational Guidance with the aim of providing information, gathered from around the world, on incidents where firefighters died or where their safety was seriously compromised. The IFE believes that it will become a world-leading safety resource.

The database will be expanded over time, says the IFE. Phase 1 presents information on post-WWII incidents in the UK where firefighters died. Future phases will cover other incidents of interest and international incidents of interest.

The website recognises there are gaps in some reports and the IFE welcomes assistance in gathering further relevant information. “The success of the database will be proportional to the amount of information contributed to it.”

The new resource was launched during the IFE’s 100th anniversary celebrations, which took place earlier in January at Leicester’s Central Fire and Rescue Station.

Hosted by Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service and attended by some of the UK’s most distinguished figures in the fire and rescue sector, the event concluded with the unveiling of a centenary plaque by City Mayor Sir Peter Soulsby. Sir Peter also started the IFE’s centenary torch relay in which the torch will travel to IFE branches around the globe throughout 2018, tracked in an online journal on the IFE website.

The Firefighter Safety Database can be viewed on the IFE’s website

Left to right: Neil Gibbins, former IFE CEO, Dennis Davis, Life Fellow of the IFE, Peter Wilkinson, Chairman IFE Board of Directors, Dr Graham Cory, IFE CEO, Martin Shipp, IFE International President, CFO Rick Taylor, Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service and George Almond, Life Fellow of the IFE, with the centenary torch outside Central Fire and Rescue Station. Photo credit