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A fire simulator on a bus?
Published:  15 January, 2018

Fire brigades in Switzerland are now able to train with XVR Simulation as a result of a new hybrid training concept on a bus.

Firefighting software provide Conet has developed a hybrid consisting of a mobile and fixed XVR Simulation Centre.

The technology-containing bus was first presented at the Suissepublic firefighting trade fair in June this year and received much interest. Since that time, the Swiss fire service has been quick to take up on the training on the bus.

Customers can select from a catalogue of approximately 20 different scenarios that vary from a small kitchen fire to a major chemical event.

The bus facilitates both individual and group training, and it features equipped three suites, each with a large screen monitor, joystick and video recording. The bus can also be expanded with an outer tent, enabling extra workspace. During team training, each participant has his or her own role in the incident. Just like normal XVR exercises, everything is being supervised by an instructor who also has a designated suite on the bus. The participants communicate via their radios and thus issue their orders or report the situation at the front.