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Accredited HRET course launched
Published:  04 January, 2018

The UK HRET User Group has gained SFJ Awards accreditation for its High Reach Extendable Turret Operator and HRET Instructor courses - the first of its kind outside the US.

The UK HRET User Group was established in 2016 and its aims are to accredit, promote and standardise best practice in the operational use of all types of HRET technology within high-risk environments. This involves the use of HRET in various application areas such as water and foam delivery, dual -agent attack, ventilation, aircraft-skin-piercing techniques, aircraft-internal firefighting, elevated water supply and the use of colour and thermal imaging cameras.
The HRET course content has evolved from members attending Dallas Fort Worth Fire Training Research Center (Texas, US) where they studied of FAA research and guidance. All members also have several years of HRET operational experience and have carried out practical HRET workshops involving salvaged aircraft.
The HRET User Group meets on a regular basis and welcomes interest from all users in the UK and overseas using all makes of HRET technology. The HRET User Group will shortly be announcing an official launch event in 2018 for its courses.
Further information can be obtained along with details of joining the Group at Facebook HRET working group or by emailing