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New cutter range from Holmatro
Published:  07 November, 2017

Holmatro has launched its new cutter range, consisting of four main models. Each model is available with Greenline EVO battery technology or with CORE technology (Holmatro’s tool-hose-pump-system).

A new feature consists of the fact that the client can now choose the type of cutter jaw: traditional (straight) or inclined. With their 30-degrees angled jaw, the Holmatro Inclined Cutters improve user comfort and maximise working space.

Inclined Cutting

'Inclined Cutting is a new revolutionary cutting technology. Extricating patients under challenging conditions has just become safer, quicker and easier than ever,' said marketing manager for Holmatro Nadine Emmerik. Equipped with unique 30-degrees angled jaw, the inclined cutters offer two important user advantages.

Improved ergonomics

Firstly, the body of a car often needs to be cut high up. This means the operator needs to lift the cutter to shoulder level or above. Physically, this is extremely demanding. Conversely, the same principle applies: cutting low on the car forces you to bend down, which puts undue strain on the firefighter's back. The Holmatro Inclined Cutter solves this problem: the angled jaw enables the operator to cut well above or below waist level in a much more comfortable position.

Maximised working space

The Holmatro Inclined Cutter also offers 30 degrees more working space between the tool and the car when cutting pillars from the side. This enhances patient safety and eliminates the need for repeated cutter repositioning. The same principle applies when the need arises to make a perpendicular cut in the rocker channel: there’s more space between an Inclined Cutter and the ground, which avoids unwanted leverage and vehicle displacement.

The cutter range

The new cutter range consists of a compact lightweight cutter (CU 5030 CL) of 9.5 kg / 20.9 lb, a heavy-duty cutter (CU 5060) which has the NFPA ‘all 9’ classification and two models in between (CU 5040 and CU 5050). All cutters can be powered by battery or CORE technology and are available with straight blades or inclined cutter jaw. This results in a choice of 16 different versions.