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HazSim – Bringing situational hazmat training to life
Published:  13 October, 2017

HazSim, LLC provides innovative simulation training to ensure your team works safely and effectively. HazSim Pro simulation equipment is in use by hundreds of fire departments, training schools, industrial fire teams, and private trainers across the US, Canada and further afield as well as the US Army.

HazSim offers realistic HazMat, radiation, and WMD simulation and via the patented HazSim Pro and proprietary software, the company delivers portable and fixed training opportunities. HazSim provides realistic, repeatable, and effective training scenarios to thousands of students. HazSim's systems are in use by universities, community college training facilities and is also part of the HazMat/WMD programme for the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF).

HazSim was developed for first responders by first responders, and has revolutionised hands-on HazMat and continues to improve through our outreach to the response community. With over 150 systems in use, Team HazSim is constantly collecting feedback from HazMat experts in the field with the aim to improve our system. Our goal is to enhance the training experience for our fellow responders and create a life-like exercise, which is just not achievable with conventional HazMat training.

People use HazSim Pro, Hazardous Materials Simulation meter conjunction with our hands-on hazmat training. HazSim provides on-site technical service to integrate the system into the training venue and improve all training props. Our system can improve your current training as well as enhance your other HazMat training props. HazSim users also benefit by NOT having to use expensive front-line meters, which also require the instructor to ‘fake’ the readings. Our system is customisable as well as scalable to your exact training needs. HazSim also has our proprietary interactive feature which enables the instructor to ask training relevant questions to the student and obtain real-time reliable student retention feedback.

Over 150 HazSim systems in use across the US. We are providing training to the International Association of Firefighters, (IAFF), Boston Fire Department, Miami-Dade Fire Department, Orlando Fire Department, Illinois Fire Service Institute (IFSI), Massachusetts Fire Department, Chevron, BP, and the US Army. We provide training to both entry-level training to first responders as well as advanced HazMat Specialists. HazSim enables more effective realistic training, increase student retention, and save money by not damaging front-line equipment in all drills. HazSim Pro can be programmed for RAD, WMD, TIC, 4/5/6 gas and many more combinations.

‘We no longer damage our frontline equipment in drill and are able to engage our students more effectively in several areas of training,’ commented Greg Lauf, Assistant Fire Chief, Private Training Consultant and certified instructor with the Illinois Fire Service Institute.

HazSim, LLC is a US company and is currently a sole source provider available worldwide.

HazSim provides online and live training, as well as implementation based on what we have learned over 1000’s of hours of HazMat simulation training.


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Phil Ambrose, founder of HazSim

 A HazSim Team member will assist you in improving your training