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Cooling all firefighters
Published:  12 October, 2017

A new flame-retardant cooling vest that integrates small electric fans within layers of man-made fabrics will be available in Europe from spring 2018.

The vest introduced by Teijin is designed reduce body temperature and heart rate through sweat absorption, quick drying and moisture permeability.

The outer layer of the vest consists of a heat resistant, flame-retardant meta-aramid fibre while the mid and inner layers are made of polyester fabrics. A set of integrated electric fans pull in air from outside for up to eight hours.

The cooling vest will be unveiled at the A+A 2017 exhibition, which takes place 17 October in Messe Dusseldorf, Germany.

According to the manufacturer, the new technology is an answer to conventional flame-retardant clothing for firefighters that traps body heat and can contribute to the risk of heat stroke, particularly in the summer months. The cooling vest is designed to assist firefighters in maintaining their performance and energy levels while fighting fires.

The cooling vest will be available in Europe through LHD Group Deutschland.