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Donation to disaster communications charity
Published:  29 September, 2017

A manufacturer of lighting systems and robust cases has donated a range of its products to the Disaster Tech Lab charity, an organisation that provides rapid response communication networks in disaster areas where the communication infrastructure has been destroyed or is non-existent.

Disaster Tech Lab is an international charity that delivers aid during natural disasters. The organisation has recently been helping across the Caribbean, Florida and Texas regions, in the areas impacted by Harvey, Irma, Jose and Maria hurricanes over the last weeks.

Previously, Disaster Tech Lab delivered aid during the disasters in the Philippines and Haiti and it has also provided communication networks for refugee camps in Greece.

Disaster Tech Lab was set up 2012. The networks and IT services help to connect response organisations that offer food, clothing, and mental health support to affected communities, with a professional approach and communications equipment. Disaster Tech Lab is also developing new technologies for use in disaster response work.

With Peli cases, the Disaster Tech Lab team manages to transport sensitive and valuable equipment keeping it waterproof and totally protected. Peli lighting tools, including hand-held torches, headlamps or remote area lighting systems, are also supporting them in the darkest areas where electricity is not available.

Piero Marigo, Managing Director of Peli Products, commented: 'When you transport valuable devices that should not be damaged, you need a reliable case. Peli products comply with the highest standards of protection and withstand rigorous impact and drop tests in severe environments, which makes them the right partner for humanitarian collaboration in areas damaged by natural forces. We are proud to collaborate with an inspiring organisation such as Disaster Tech Lab.'

Evert Bopp, founder of Disaster Tech Lab added: 'Internet access can be as important as food and has become nowadays one of the most primary needs, especially in situations of emergency and disaster, where reliable communication can save lives. Peli cases never let you down in critical situations.'