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AFOA members raise £2000.00 towards The Fire Fighters Charity
Published:  28 September, 2017

The Airport Fire Officers Association’s Chairman Simon Petts and AFOA Committee member Ian Webb handed out a cheque of £2000.00 GBP to The Fire Fighters Charity during the annual general meeting held on 20 September 2017 at the NEC in Birmingham, UK.

The AGM tackled discussions related to firefighter’s fitness, CAA and EASA legislation updates and the cleaning and maintenance of PPE, and the donation to The Fire Fighters Charity very much underlined the association’s commitment to the well-being and health of its members.

AFOA members and delegates collected the money for The Fire Fighters Charity during at AFOA’s Annual Conference held at London Gatwick Airport in January 2017.

The Fire Fighters Charity’s Chief Executive, Dr Jill Tolfrey, commented: ‘We spoke at the recent Emergency Services Show about the support The Fire Fighters Charity offers members of the fire community in regards to mental health. With a single face-to-face psychological therapy session costing £20, AFOA’s generous donation will allow us to fund 100 such sessions for beneficiaries coming to terms with psychological trauma. It will make a life-changing difference, so on behalf of the Charity and our beneficiaries; I would like to thank everyone at AFOA for their continued support and generosity.’

AFOA’s Chairman Simon Petts commented: ‘I asked our members during the AGM if they knew of firefighters that have used the services provided by The Fire Fighters Charity? In all honesty, I expected a low number of hands going up; however, it was obvious that this was not the case because almost all the hands in the room were in the air. Several of our delegates even commented on how well The Fire Fighters Charity had cared for people close to them.

‘This level of support from such a unique organisation is huge, and it has clearly also engaged aviation fire and rescue services. Therefore, going forward AFOA pledges its commitment to The Fire Fighters Charity. Wherever possible we will look to raise funds and promote the organisation’s excellent services.

‘We, on behalf of our members and as the AFOA committee, are delighted to have handed over this cheque for £2000.00 GBP. We hope it goes some way to helping firefighters in need of support. In addition, on behalf of the AFOA Members, I would like to thank the team at The Fire Fighters Charity for its dedication and tireless efforts. We appreciate this immensely,’ concluded Petts.