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TIC in the sky
Published:  26 September, 2017

A high-resolution thermal imaging and mapping system for commercial drones is to be launched shortly by Flir.

The Flir Duo Pro R has been designed to provide drone operators with sufficient range and image capability to capture both thermal and visible data in a single flight.

Operators can switch between thermal and video camera modes in flight, choosing between 336 × 256 or 640 × 512 thermal resolution sensor and a high-definition 4K colour video camera. Image quality can be enhanced through the MSX proprietary technology that embosses high-fidelity, visible-light details onto the thermal imagery.

The Duo Pro R is equipped with thermal, visible and picture-in-picture modes, recording raw video and stills to two dedicated micro SD cards. Live digital video output over micro-HDMI and analog video out are also provided.

In addition, the system offers what Flir describes as a ‘self-contained airborne mapping package’ through the fully integrated GPS receiver and Inertial Measuring Unit, as well as temperature, humidity and altitude sensors. These enable accurate maps and 3D models to be created from the airborne platform.

According to the manufacturer, the technology ushers in a new era of imaging capability for a wide range of high-performance commercial, industrial, and public safety drone applications. “With the ability to select either a thermal or visible camera image in flight, or watch video streams of both simultaneously in picture-in-picture mode, we’re making it easier for drone operators to capture imagery and thermal data from the air,” said Jeff Frank, senior vice president, global product strategy.

The FLIR Duo Pro R will be available for purchase starting at US$5,199 in Q4 2017.