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Firefighting foam - a crisis or a crossroads
Published:  04 September, 2017

The Firefighting Foam Summit will review the current situation related to the selection, use and management of firefighting foam, highlighting a holistic approach to lifetime foam management that balances fire performance and potential environmental liabilities.

With increasing importance placed on the potential environmental effects of firefighting foam as highlighted by new legislation in some countries, including the recently published EU based restrictions on PFOA, it is critical to determine long-term policies for selection, use and management of fire-fighting agents in the future.

Jointly hosted and supported by Lastfire, FER, MOL and Arcadis, the organisers have brought together a group of international specialists in the various fields of holistic foam management assurance including regulators, end users, industry institutions and service providers.

Keynote speakers include Fay Purvis, past chair NFPA11 Foam Systems Committee, USA; Nigel Holmes, principal advisor incident management, Central Queensland; Niall Ramsden, Lastfire coordinator; Mark Scanlon, HSE team manager, Energy Institute; Rod Rutledge, national process safety & regulatory advisor, Caltex Australia Petroleum; Ian Ross, partner, global remediation, Arcadis; Graeme Day, fire service regulation & oversight manager, Heathrow; Brian McKinnley, Dallas Fort Worth International Airport.

For more information contact the Lastfire coordinator, or Zoltan Meszaros of FER,