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Water-mist winner
Published:  30 August, 2017

The International Water Mist Association’s Young Talent Award has been won by James Patrick White for his thesis, Measurement and simulation of suppression effects in a buoyant line fire.

The prize of €1,000 and annual membership to the IWMA will be presented to White during the 17th International Water Mist Conference which will take place in Rome, Italy, 25-26 October this year.

White, who finished his PhD thesis in 2016 at the University of Maryland, USA, becomes the second person to be awarded the prize, which was first awarded in 2016 to Daniel Alexander Martin for the thesis, The use of a water mist curtain as a radiation shield. The award’s current winners are both from the US, a country which ironically has yet to fully support the adoption of water-mist technology.

Left to right: IWMA president Ragnar Wighus and 2016 Young Talent Award winner Daniel Alexander Martin

The announcement comes hot on the heels of the publication of pr EN 14972-1:2017 (Fixed firefighting systems – water mist systems – Part 1: Design, installation, inspection and maintenance) in June. Although not a European standard yet, the document can already be referred to and used in contracts. CEN members have been invited to comment, provide supporting documentation and inform the Technical Committee in charge of the standard’s work of any relevant patent rights. On becoming a full European standard, CEN members will have to comply with the CEN/CENELEC internal regulations, which stipulate the conditions for giving the document the status of a national standard without alterations.

“The existence and the content of the award-winning theses as well as the publication of pr EN 14972 all point to the fact that water mist is an autonomous technology”, commented IWMA general manager Bettina McDowell. “Water mist is not a niche product. In regard to what kind of fire protection to use in any one project, water mist belongs on the list of options next to foam, gas and sprinkler systems.”

IWMA President Ragnar Wighus added: “There are different applications where water mist is either among the best choices or it is in fact the best choice. This is true for – amongst others – passenger ferries, archives and libraries and high-rise buildings. ”

Additional evidence of the increased interest in the technology is the news that Underwriters Laboratories is to hold the first meeting of its water mist expert group on 26-27 October at the same venue as the IWMA’s annual event.

In addition, the first Polish IWMA Water Mist Seminar in Cracow will take place on 15 November 2017, and the 3rd Dubai IWMA Water Mist Seminar will be held during Intersec in January next year.

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