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Corrosion protection
Published:  30 August, 2017

Retrofittable anode blocks that help prevent corrosion in fire pumps exposed to saltwater have been unveiled by a pump manufacturer.

The retrofittable sacrificial anodes manufactured by Tsurumi consist of solid plates of aluminium or zinc that are simply screwed to the fire pump’s casing.

The anode blocks are designed to prolong the service life of pumps that are exposed to aggressive media. Even stainless steel pumps are not immune to corrosion, which can begin to occur when their thin, passive layer is damaged.

Once the required two plates fitted on the pump, a bimetal corrosion process begins on the anodes, leaving the pump casing unscathed. The effect ceases once the anodes are fully corroded, with the cycle beginning again when the anodes are replaced.

According to a Tsurumi spokesperson, the anodes reduce corrosive wear on the impellers and intake section by approximately 90%.