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Magirus supplies trucks to Chilean firefighters
Published:  14 August, 2017

Magirus has completed two large orders for 100 fire engines from Chile’s national fire department, the Junta Nacional de Bomberos de Chile.

The first tank pumper order for 23 TLF 4000, C4 Semiurbano vehicles was placed in October 2016 for fire departments in the Bío Bío region. This was followed by an additional order for vehicles for national use, including 32 TLF 4000, C4 Semiurbano vehicles, 16 TLF 4000 all-wheel, C4 Semiurbano vehicles and 29 TLF 3000 C5 Forest forest firefighting vehicles.

All the fire engines were built on Iveco Eurocargo chassis and have powerful 220 kW (299 hp) engines. With its all-steel crew cabin, the C4 Semiurbano is designed for a fire brigade team of one plus eight. The majority of these were ordered with the 160E30 model in the 4x2 variant. The remaining 16 all-wheel, twin-tyre, 150E30W fire engines ensure better driving in rough terrain.

All vehicles have a large, external water tank with a capacity of 4,000 litres and a Magirus MPN230 centrifugal pump with a capacity of 3,000 litres per minute with 10 bar. The Junta Nacional de Bomberos also ordered 29 Magirus C5 wildland firefighting vehicles. In the past, Chile’s national fire department has had to fight large forest fires and at the beginning of this year fire destroyed an area of over 370,000 hectares – four times the size of Berlin.

The C5 single-tyre, all-wheel vehicles, built on the 150E30 WS Eurocargo chassis, were ordered specifically for such operations. The technical firefighting structure includes a 3,000-litre tank and the powerful Magirus MPN 230 pump together with reliable self-protection for vehicle and crew.

‘Magirus offers a very flexible vehicle and superstructure concept that is ideal for operations on motorways and in rural or urban areas,’ said JNBC vice president Raúl Morales. ‘The agile fire engine covers so many operational areas and reliably replenishes extinguishing water whenever necessary.’

The vehicle shipment to from Germany to Chile is already underway by sea. The official delivery to the Chilean fire departments will take place following their arrival.