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First responder app
Published:  17 July, 2017

A free app that offers best practice, safety tips and emergency response information has been released by the NFPA for firefighters, EMS, command staff and wildland fire personnel.

The NFPA 1st Responder Connection App has been designed to place prevention, education and response tools in the hands of emergency responders so that they can continue to perform at a high level and meet the changing needs of society. 

According to the NFPA, feedback from fire leaders and first responders over the past year have consistently pointed to the need for easy digital access via smartphone devices to NFPA resources, interactive tools and training.

The result is an app that covers the following areas:

• Emerging issues – energy storage, alternative fuel vehicles and civil unrest 
• Public and worker safety – new fire hazards and confined space 
• Firefighter occupational health and wellness – contamination, cancer and cardiac issues
• Firefighting technology and data – unmanned aerial systems, smart cities, biometrics and fire department tools
• Educational tools – safety bulletins, tip sheets, training and at-risk audience engagement
• Wildfire prevention and response – community mitigation, home ignition zone and trends 
• Standards and research – code enforcement, guidelines and reports.

Free download of the 1st Responder Connection App is available via Apple or Android.