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Chemical identification for responders
Published:  20 June, 2017

The MX908 is designed for trace-level detection and identification across a variety of CBRNE and hazmat response missions.


As with the previous version, the M908, the MX908 is simple to use and provides rapid chemical detection and identification of solids, liquids, and vapours within seconds.

The device from 908 Devices features an upgraded all hazards target list, which includes a broader spectrum of chemical warfare agents as well as explosives and high-priority toxic industrial chemicals.

MX908 weighs 3.9kg and is designed as a multi-mission device, enabling responders to displace other pieces of equipment in their toolkit.

The second-generation handheld chemical detection and identification device is powered by the company’s patented and high-pressure mass spectrometry technology. The device contains molecular traps a thousand times smaller than those in conventional mass spectrometers. These diminutive traps can operate much closer to atmospheric pressures and enable the manufacturer to use dramatically smaller pumps, ionisers, detectors and electronics than existing laboratory or luggable mass spectrometers.

According to the manufacturer, improvements include an increased sensitivity that is up to 1,000 times greater than previous generation devices and a new simultaneous dual-mode ionisation for a broader threat category coverage.