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Industrial fire tender with HRET
Published:  20 June, 2017

Zeeland Refinery in the south west of the Netherlands takes delivery of a new industrial fire truck built by Ziegler.

Equipped with a high reach extendable turret (HRET), the body has been built on on a Volvo chassis and has been equipped with a 2,000-litre extinguishing water tank and a 5,000-litre foam tank. The Ziegler centrifugal fire pump 10-10,000, delivers a high volume of extinguishing capacity, suited for the types of fire encountered during industrial response. The Ziegler Z-PF foam admixture system enables the effective use of the foam compound. 

Vehicles for large industrial facilities usually have very special application profiles and thus are not subject to any standard. In addition to the 25-metre HRET, two Alco monitors are additionally installed in this vehicle. A roof turret is located on a lifting device inside the vehicle. The second turret is mounted on the HRET. The double fold-out foot steps are integrated into the wheel.