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Fire Protection and Safety in Tunnels Conference, 19-21 September, Norway
Published:  14 June, 2017

Event programme now published exploring minimisation strategies, technical advances and fire safety regulations.

Day 1 of the conference will include a workshop on the subject of planning and implementing fire safety arrangements during tunnel construction as well as a panel discussion on enhancing working relationships to ensure tunnels are safe and protected.

Themes that will be covered on Day 2 include the complex navigation of safety regulations; exploring how technology such as sprinklers and thermal imaging can create a safer environment; evacuation strategies in limited visibility; and methods for creating ventilation strategies.

On the final day delegates will hear about fire safety in the underground rail networks; lessons learned from Norway’s most severe incidents as well as its tunnel fire exercises; and how intelligent transport systems can be used to manage emergency situations.

Key speakers include Arild Petter Sovik, senior principal engineer, Norwegian Public Roads Administration; Dave Harold, fire safety manager, CrossRail - London Bridge Associates; Tony Cash, lead fire engineer, RIFA; and Les Fielding, tunnel safety officer, London Bridge Associates.

A tiered early-bird registration scheme is on offer with cut-off dates on 26 June, 24 July and 21 August.

The programme can be viewed here: