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Thermal imaging camera integrated in mask
Published:  12 May, 2017

An in-mask thermal imaging intelligence system has been launched by Scott Safety. Scott Sight integrates a lightweight thermal imaging camera into the mask’s display, providing a hands-free thermal view at all times.

The lightweight in-mask camera weighs just 240g. It is designed to improve a firefighter’s situation awareness and provides 160x120 resolution at nine frames per second through an infinity lens. This ensures a clear picture and eliminates eye strain.

Scott Safety worked closely with firefighters in the development of the Scott Sight system in order to create thermal imaging technology that is both more accessible and easier to use. The hands-free visibility enables firefighters to stay focused on the fire and makes it easier to spot hazards, locate casualties and identify a secondary means of escape in the event of a sudden change in circumstances.

Scott Sight can be configured to suit the needs of each wearer. The display can be set to the wearer’s line of sight and various user interfaces are available to suit different tastes. Hot spot and ambient temperature settings can also be selected. The system is compatible with the new AV-3000 EN firefighting mask from Scott Safety.