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Share the full picture over Tetra and LTE - on a tablet
Published:  11 May, 2017
Tactilon Agnet from Airbus

The latest version of Tactilon Agnet not only allows police officers and firefighters to communicate with each other securely by LTE, Tetra and/or Tetrapol, it now also offers constant geolocalisation, navigation, group positioning and user presence as well as status displays on the map for commanding officers.

The original Tactilon Agnet app was launched in May 2016 and it brought push-to-talk to smartphones, enabling these devices to communicate with Tetra radio users in a Tetra talk group.

It was designed to facilitate operations between public safety agencies and carried standard functions enabling users to immediately and securely send photos, data and videos at the push of a button to a control room or colleagues.

Several user organisations tested the smartphone after its launch. In June 2016 RIKS, the technical operator of Estonia’s national Tetra network, carried out a two-month field trial that involved the smartphone app communicating over an LTE network on the 800 and 2600 MHz frequencies as well as Tetra networks.

Tactilon Agnet on smartphone

More recently, the Finnish public safety Tetra network operator Erillisverkot has also been testing the app as a possible way to enhance the broadband capabilities offered to public safety organisations in Finland.

The new app has since been taken a step further and now runs on a tablet to assist incident commanders in the field not only get a common operational picture but also share it, while following ongoing group communications.

The app’s new capabilities will be presented during the Critical Communications World exhibition in Hong Kong, 16 to 18 May 2017.