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Disaster and Emergency Management Summit takes place in Singapore
Published:  05 May, 2017

Equip Globals Disaster and Emergency Management Summit will be taking place on 22 25 August 2017 in Singapore.

The event provides an opportunity for all disaster management authorities and emergency frontline responders to share insights and hear best practice case studies on ways to enhance your country and communities responses for a disaster.

Attendees can expect to hear solutions/proven strategies to pertinent challenges emergency management authorities face when engaging communities for urban resilience planning and the best practices to coordinate between agencies before and during a disaster incident. In addition to strengthening community resilience, there will also be case studies on developing disaster management plans for disasters and emergencies including floods, drought, cyclones, earthquakes, wildfire, industrial fire, the collapse of critical infrastructures and terrorism.

There will also be four exclusive workshops available during this four-day summit programme.

The event is aimed at professionals in the following industries:

  • Disaster Management
  • Emergency Services
  • National's Defence Forces
  • Civil Defence/ Fire Department
  • Armed Forces (Land, Sea, Air)
  • Search and Rescue
  • Operations
  • Business Continuity
  • Emergency response teams of corporate organisations

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