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Leader Group and Tempest merge
Published:  04 May, 2017

The Leader Group and Tempest Technology have announced a merger of companies.

The combining of these two family-operated businesses creates a partnership for the manufacturing of portable firefighting equipment. 

Leader has been producing and selling equipment used in firefighting and search and rescue operations worldwide for over 32 years. Tempest, the pioneer of PPV ventilation, has been manufacturing PPV fans and saws out of its California location for close to the same period of time. Both manufacturers are selling their products all over the world.

The Tempest manufacturing facility in Fresno will continue to operate as normal, and will eventually be expanded to accommodate appropriate stocking levels of both Tempest and Leader products, to service dealer networks and end users.

In addition, this facility will serve as a manufacturing location for select Leader products and will become the new home for the assembly and stocking of the foam proportioning systems designed by Robwen, which was acquired by Leader in 2014. This will also become a stocking location for the Bio-Ex line of ecologically-friendly firefighting foam products. The current Leader North American warehouse, located in North Carolina, will be evaluated as a secondary stocking location.

The integration of these two companies creates a wide range of products for customers worldwide. These include PPV fans/blowers, large flow ventilators, industrial fans, saws, thermal imaging cameras, nozzles and monitors, foam proportioning systems, foam concentrates, fire training equipment, technical search equipment and all-risk helmets.