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Live streaming 360° footage for search and rescue
Published:  11 April, 2017

A live streaming 360° technical rescue search camera will be launched at the Fire Department Instructors Conference in Indianapolis, 24-29 April.

Manufactured by Agility Technologies Corporation, Firstlook360 captures seamless high-definition, streaming spherical panorama video with wired and wireless connectivity in a rugged IP67 housing that will fit through a standard 2” coring hole.

FL360 contains no moving parts and the design does away with the rubber bellows that cover a series of joints, motors, gears, pulleys and/or belts used in today’s available rescue cameras. It has been designed to be used in various technical rescue applications including structural collapse, trench, high-angle and vehicle extrication.

With FL360’s accompanying Android app, a user can record video, take snapshots, transmit and receive two-way audio via the robust, multi-use camera head. Using the provided tablet, the rescuer is able to view an entire space by using a finger with swipe gestures or with the app’s virtual joystick feature to control the focus area.

Firstlook360 will be available as part of the ATC USAR Kit designed to replace aging, expensive, and mechanically weak articulating cameras originally developed for rescue use in the 1990s.

ATC will be demonstrating FL360 during FDIC at the Spec Rescue International booth #3403.